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Hourglass (2011)
Micheal Hanna

‘Digital Arts in the Gallery: New Media Showcase’

In 2003, in response to the increase in artists working with new media technology, Queen Street Studios set up a Digital Studio within their premises. With increasing demand, came an expansion of premises, the development of the programme and facilities. Then in 2008 the Digital Studios became an independent not-for-profit organisation and The Digital Arts Studios (DAS) was born. DAS promotes the convergence of art and technology and recognises the importance of providing facilities, resources and training in this rapidly advancing field. DAS continues to develop and expand, and its residency programme is now well established. The programme aims to encourage and support new and established artists in the creation of innovative, challenging and experimental new work. The programme offers four international residencies and twelve UK & Ireland residencies each year. This exhibition has provided DAS with a timely opportunity to showcase the work of some of these artists. The works on show here represent a diversity of strategy in terms of each artist’s engagement with the digital, whilst providing an exemplary demonstration of how new media technologies intersect with visual art.

Exhibiting  Artists

Michael Hanna, Ciaran Hussey, David Clark & Marina Roy, Susan ThomsonRichard Davis

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