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Percept | Claw, Craw and the Devil | 10th March 2016




Percept: A sonic representation
Claw, Craw and the Devil
Michael O’Halloran
For ‘Claw, Craw and the Devil‘ Catalyst have invited Belfast musician and composer Michael O’Halloran to stage a new composition ‘Percept‘. The event will be pocketed within Barewoods, a longstanding architectural salvage company, secluded within the historic Smithfield and Union.
A percept is the mental product of perceiving. The composition will attempt to represent this cognitive experience through a live sampling of live music. Only a distorted and subjective reading of the separated relationships in the room is initially filtered and finally relayed back to the audience.
It seeks to explore to what extent the visual noise of a city effects its occupants.
The performance will feature original compositions from Belfast musicians Stevie Lennox (Pigs As People/Junk Drawer), Grace Loughrey (Bad Fit)?, John Macormac (Blue Whale), Michael MacBroom (ex Gaju/The Killing Spree), Ricki O’Rawe (Not Squares) and Phillip Quinn (Girls Names/ Gross Net).

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