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1st June – 4th July 2001

Cross currents in Documentary media. This film project is a collaboration between Catalyst and Cinilingus. It is an examination and shocase of documentary film and video from around the world. Films included were, Intervista by Anri Sala, Hstorical a constantly evolving ongoing series of archival based film screenings curated by Stephen Parr. Richard Wentworths piece Making do and getting by. Bright by John Smith, Animal, Vegetable, Video: Oasis by Sam Easterson, Planet Krulick Archive, Notes From the Basement, by Rainer Frimmel, Home Movie Archive, Gates of Heaven, Salesman, Theremin: an electronic odyssey, Land without Bread, What You see is where you re at by Luke Flowler, Clive Myers screening and talk, Paris is Burning by Jenne Livingstone, Those who are Jesus by Steven Eastwood, Scopitone, Deliver Us, The Alcohol Years a film by Carol Morley.

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