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Artist – At – Sea

Alice Clark

August – September

8th October : Artist Talk, 6pm Catalyst Arts

Catalyst Arts, in partnership with the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, are delighted to present Artist – At – Sea; an artist residency on board an oceanographic research vessel operating from the port of Belfast.

To highlight the significant research being carried out by AFBI, Belfast based artist Alice Clark will be onboard as artist-in-residence throughout August and September. Clark’s practice reflects her own ecological ethos and investigates the way we live and its impact on the natural environment. Making objects of nature subjects of culture is at the core of her practice and she wishes to challenge where the current condition of nature resides as a subject for artistic intervention and discourse. After a medical examination and sea survival course, Clark will set sail and take residence on two research cruises; observing the scientists, engaging with the crew and developing work within a site and context specifically tailored to her practice.

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