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21st September -1st October 1994
Part of an exchange with an artists group in Budapest.
Artist’s involved: Tibor Zielinski, Agnes Szabics, Toby Dennett, Karen Vaughan.

Press Release


In association with Catalyst Arts

An exchange involving Belfast based artists Toby Dennett and Karen Vaughan and Budapest artists Tibor Zietineki and Agnes Szabics.

From the 29 August the 4 artists, who have nothing in common at all apart from the fact that they are visual artists, will work alongside each other in the studios of Catalyst Arts for 3 weeks.

 They dont know what will happen or what will be the outcome….

 The studios will be open to the public so that they can view the work in progress.

 An exhibition of the work produced will be open from Wednesday 21 September to Saturday 1 October 1994.

On Tuesday 6 September at 7.30pm the artists will give a slide presentation of their work and discuss practising art in 2 differing cultures.

For more information contact: Karen vaughan, Catalyst Arts, 5 Exchange Place, Belfast BT1 2NA. Tel/Fax: 0232 313303.

This project is supported by Partners in Europe and Belfast City Council.

Ian Hill, The Irish Times, Wednesday October 5th, 1994

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