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Cathedral Quarter Art Festival

3rd – 13th May 2001


Catalyst participated again in the growing and successful Second Cathedral Quarter Festival. Gillian Wearing confess all on video opened in Catalyst on May 3rd and ran until May 1(th. Gillian Wearing was the 1997 Turner Prize nominee who belongs to a group of young innovative British Artist making profound impact on the art scene of our time. This work in the gallery consisted of video obsessions and confessions of things people wanted to say in front of a camera.
A Night With John Carson was held in Catalyst Arts on May the 10th. This was his first public appearance in Belfast since leaving twenty years ago, he took a ramble across the years where art and life have become strangely confused. People Like Us was at Catalyst Arts on the 4th of May. It was the work of Vicki Bennett whose CD’s and LPs on soleilmoon Recordings, Hot Art, Straalplaat and Audioview labels feature her unique Plunderphonic styling. Die Kunst was at Catalyst Arts on May 5th this was an avant punk art surf trio DIe Kunst wich are an art project production with a powerful analogue sentiment. This was also part of the international Langage project by Grassy Knoll production. Divine Trash was at Catalyst Arts on May 7th it was a indepth look at the early career of the outrageous cult filmmaker John Waters. John T. Davis Screening & Talks. Anumber of films and filmmakers have emerged in recent years who are also the manner in wich they do so. John T Davis is one of these and this is a sscreening of three of his films. I Can Be Rented was in Catalyst May 9th, A night of Gay film and video for over 1!s and those of a nervous disposition. Memory Cells and Avanto this is a visual noise piece wich featured filmmakers employing various strategies of visual sabotage. the shared theme of these works is the pure aesthetics pleasure than can be derived from delibarate flaws, disturbances and irregularities both in digital and celluloid imagery. Oval was on May 4th and it was a music about media, aesthetic presence and organised sound, composed out of remants of both music and musicality.

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