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Charlotte Bosanquet Artist Talk at The Ulster Museum


CharlieCharlotte Bosanquet Artist Talk at The Ulster Museum

Catalyst Arts artist in residence at the Ulster Museum Charlotte Bosanquet will give a talk about her work.

 Wednesday 13th February 1pm Lecture Theatre, Ulster Museum


Charlotte graduated from Glasgow School of Art in Painting and Drawing in 2004 and has moved to Belfast in 2009. After graduating she worked as a curator for Cabin Exchange in Glasgow before becoming a studio assistant for Orta Studio, Paris. In 2009 she became a Director of Catalyst Arts, Belfast before co-founding the Artist Collective PRIME in 2011.


Charlotte Bosanquet current practice uses events to create spaces for conversations to take place. Focusing on the action of ‘work’ that is hidden or taken for granted using worker as personification of this action. She uses these situations as research for ideas of social harmony and a democratic approach to the creative process.

Starting to make objects that distill these performances work is falling into three stages of making. The first is the conversation, the event, the second is the object or objects that sum up the exchange and the third is the display of these objects.


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