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Catalyst Arts presents:
Claw, Craw and the Devil
Opening 3rd March 6-9pm
Exhibition continues 4th-27th
March  4th 1pm | Kate Strain | Talk
March 10th 6pm | Percept: A sonic representation | Michael O’Halloran | Barewoods
March 12th 1pm | Fiona Hallinan | Artist Talk
March 24th 1pm | Gary Potter | Talk: Planning Processes
Jonathan HS Ross & Viviana Checchia | Tom Hughes | Michael Edgar | Phillip McCrilly & Tacacucina
Michael O’Halloran | Bobbie Seggie
The smell of feet, the smell of sweat, the smell of cider. ‘Claw, Craw and the Devil‘ looks to assemble, coax and scooch a motivated, forceful and at times deeply self-conscious group of technicians, designers, chefs and conspirators into an orderly rabble. Nodging together interests in manufacture and production, the possibilities of active usership and collective responsibility grinded with the future lack of a decent inner-city furniture store, a programme of proposals and prototypes unravels throughout March.
Crannied into the city each gesture, sometimes mobile, sometimes slow replaces, refurbishes and fits. It wanders the keening noise of a city where a butcher and trophy store share the keek of a black / cairn-hole area. Where products exhibited have the possibility to go door-to-door but may fall at the fagary of the opening night and rather than leech and scarper an amateur furniture maker shape-shifts, faces the cities demands and turns us back towards the river.
Reluctant but genuine, it blares, we live here. This is where we live.
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