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Catalyst Arts presents:

Composition of Here

Jacqueline Holt | Laura Reeves | James Michael George

Opening preview: 1st October 6-9pm
Exhibition continues: 2nd – 24th October

1st October 6pm : Reading by Laura Reeves

17th October 2pm : Artists’ Illustrated Lecture by Jacqueline Holt

Catalyst Arts has commissioned Jacqueline Holt, James Michael George and Laura Reeves to develop new work and revisit past work for Composition of Here.


  • unpacking
  • deconstruction of an experience
  • documentation of an experience – sounding / videoing / drawing / talking

Personal Memories – INTIMACY of sites and personal history
Personal Narratives

Intentionally composing memories – creating self-made experience

Site and how
.PROCESS BASED/MAKING….over a period of time, weeks, months, years eg. (James – started the project in August, Laura – 5 years ago, Jackie – over 10 years ago)

A form of / social / research that explores the researchers’ PERSONAL EXPERIENCE
and connects this / autobiographical / story to wider cultural, political and social meanings and understandings.

three conversations

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