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Composition of Here



Composition of Here


  • unpacking
  • deconstruction of an experience
  • documentation of an experience – sounding / videoing / drawing / talking

Personal Memories – INTIMACY of sites and personal history
Personal Narratives

Intentionally composing memories – creating self-made experience

Site and how
.PROCESS BASED/MAKING….over a period of time, weeks, months, years eg. (James – started the project in August, Laura – 5 years ago, Jackie – over 10 years ago)

A form of / social / research that explores the researchers’ PERSONAL EXPERIENCE
and connects this / autobiographical / story to wider cultural, political and social meanings and understandings.

three conversations

– Just over a year ago I was looking at some old footage I’d taken well over a decade earlier.
The first is a video taken at London Zoo and the other is a video of black & white super 8 film of a windmill on the north Norfolk coast. I videoed the super 8 as it was projected onto a wall with a camera I was unfamiliar with, struggling to focus. I wanted to make a film piece that incorporated both videos.
This single screen film bridges these two pieces with footage taken over the last year in Belfast. –
Jacqueline Holt

– I bought Richard and Beryl for a fiver. The collection of nearly four hundred 35mm slides and a few polaroids spans over three decades of their lives.
They have been a part of my life since 2010. I began re-working my slideshow Richard, Beryl and Laura Too for the exhibition at Catalyst collecting the archive box from my best friend Lucy’s basement. Lucy asked me ‘How are Richard and Beryl?’ like I’d been out of touch with some old friends. The day that I picked them up from the local junk shop I didn’t expect to go on a seaside tour with them and I highly doubt when they took the photographs they thought a future art student would be wandering around the South West taking boat trips and meeting locals guided by their holiday snaps. –
Laura Reeves

– For a long time I endeavoured to articulate my experiences through the making of physical works.
I began a practice of papermaking; using materials exclusively sourced from locations I intended to represent and in many ways the pulp became a sort of metaphor for the organic and changing way that I recalled my experiences. After acknowledging my attempts to depict my subjectivity were futile, I instead began conjuring manifestations of this paradox.
After documenting a visit to Belfast in August 2015 using a cassette recorder, digital sound sampling, analogue photography and video, I endeavoured to create an abstracted re-presentation of my time in the city, but one that highlights boundaries through the implementation of ambiguity, humour, distortion and melody. The piece contains a palimpsest of information, both from my own documentation and that of archival news footage that affected me back in 2001. –
James Michael George

Catalyst Arts has commissioned Jacqueline Holt, James Michael George and Laura Reeves to develop new work and revisit past work for Composition of Here.

Opening preview – 1st October 6-9pm
Show continues 2nd – 24th October

You are invited to join Laura Reeves for a reading on the opening night at Catalyst Arts, 6pm.

There will be an Artists’ Illustrated Lecture with Jacqueline Holt on Saturday 17th October, Catalyst Arts 2pm.

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