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Daniel Bisig, John Flury, Martin Neukom – ISOkaeder

25 August 2008 11:00 – 26 August

Catalyst Arts and SARC present…

As part of Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music, 24-29th August and in conjunction with the International Computer Music Conference
Mon 25th- Tues 26th
11am – 7pm
Daniel Bisig, John Flury, Martin Neukom – ISOkaeder
They present an acoustic and visual installation that forms part of a project entitled ISO (Interactive Swarm Orchestra). ISO employs swarm simulations to control sound synthesis, signal processing and sound positioning. Visitors can interact with the swarm simulation via camera-based tracking and thereby affect the generation and spatial distribution of the resulting music. The installation consists of an aluminium scaffold in the shape of a dodecahedron that creates an internal space for interaction and 3D sound perception. The installtion set up also comprises a video projection that displays a real time visualization of the swarm’s activities.

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