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26/03/99 – 11/04/99     

For the production and promotion of the prototype. Artists, designers and musicians were asked to create material which is formulated to be reproducible. The exhibition simulated a shop and was housed in the upstairs space in the clothes shop Diesel@Ltd in Queen Street, Belfast. Catalyst collaborated with Manchester based artist/curator Joanne McGonigle.

The exhibition travelled to The Art Fiend Foundation in New York 24/11-8/12 1999.


Artists: Tamas Saint Auby, Badly Drawn Boy, Johanna Billing/Make It Happen, Cohen/Johnson, Des Doyle, Bill Drummond,Chris Evans,, Sergei Gerasimenko, Charlotte Enstrom, Duncan Hamilton, Sara Heywood, Paul Higham, Martina Hoogland-Ivanow, Matthew Houlding, Trevor Johnson, Jonani, Regina Moller, Jessica Ogden, The Organisation for Returning Fashion Interest, Walter Pichler, Michael Robinson, Patrik Soderstam, Olivier Theyskens, Tomato, Beata Veszely. Demo Library: The Pastels, Sugarpussy, Muse Mob, Bob Hund, Polish Queen, Ingy, planningtorock, zap_papa, Badly Drawn Boy, Die Kunst, Duncan Hamilton, Citezen, Electric Boy, MM, Noid.


Preview. ID Magazine, April 1999, Lena Corner.ReviewS.S.I., July 1999, Roger McKinley

UTV News 4 April 1999

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