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Exclusive screening of video work from the Catalyst Arts archive

24 April 2008 19:00 – 25 April
As part of the Artist Led Archive exhibition we are screening a selection of video work from the Catalyst Arts archive, featuring locally and internationally recognised artists.

Also taking place on Thursday evening Flaxart artist-in-residence Sean Miller presents…Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree and JEMA galleries…

The John Erickson Museum of Art (JEMA) is a location variable museum founded by Sean Miller. It has opened at Schalter Gallery (Berlin), Irish National Museum (Dublin), Deitch Art Parade (New York), Howard House (Seattle), Aqua Art (Miami Beach), and ACC Galerie (Weimar, Germany). The museum has exhibited artists such as: John Feodorov, Gregory Green, Arnold Mesches, Yoko Ono, Bethany Taylor, Sean Taylor, Sergio Vega, and others. For more info, show archives, and event images JEMA may be viewed online at

The current projects exhibiting at JEMA in Belfast are Yoko Ono IMAGINE PEACE and Gregory Green’s, Caroline A NEW FUTURE, A Project of the New Free State of Caroline.

The art museum dust collection began in 1996 and is comprised of dust samples from art museums worldwide. The art museum dust collection is comprised of dust samples, certificates, and microscopy imagery of the dust. Collectors are invited to compare, wear and share the dust and in doing so celebrate the beauty of this misunderstood fine art product. Entropy offers collectors and endless supply of striking dust samples composed of tiny castaway pieces from selected institutions, decaying art, art audiences, artists, and art administrators. Microscopic photography reveals the high aesthetic properties in art museum dust and its uncanny relationship to modernist abstraction.

The newest product from the Art Museum Dust Collection is Art Museum Drink Coasters. Art audiences everywhere may enjoy their favorite beverage while placing dust images on tables or fine surfaces. Especially designed as a performance for museum events, the coasters bearing dust imagery may be spread about art spaces as people enjoy cultural events. In this way the dust changes from an embarrassment to a dynamic aesthetic presence in the museum.

So please bring your own beverage & we can make lots of lovely dust…

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