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Catalyst Arts is delighted to host the Expanded Territories exhibition tours.

2nd April – 10th April 2015

Opening 2nd April, 6-9 pm

Expanded Territories explores the outcomes of bringing together people from divergent industries, fields and disciplines and encourages them to create solutions together, step out of their comfort zones and collaborate, support and inform each other. Expanded Territories will demonstrate the creative and innovative talents of the region, and highlight the distinctive resources and character of the region articulated through prototype products, concepts and experiences. Certain unifying themes are evident – (re)connection to natural resources, the sharing of creativity, sustainability and regeneration, and re-localisation, focusing on the overall objectives of the HCP. The April Exhibition will showcase concepts from cycle 2 of the Creative Labs and we would propose that the opportunity between June and December would bring together Creative Labs concepts from both cycles in addition to the presentations of the 12 new products which have been supported & developed through the HC programme. The exhibition will showcase the creative Labs concepts from both project cycles , 12 new product development projects and if possible an ancillary representation of the results of some of the HCP master classes which were based on the use of new techniques and digital technologies. The exhibition will be a culmination of the results of the overall Harnessing Creativity Project which concludes in June 2015. A number of the individual Creative Labs concepts from both cycles could have regional significance or could be developed across NI / Ireland.

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