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Eye Test | Ulster University Sculpture Lens Student Exhibition







Eye Test is a group exhibition by the second-year sculpture lens students from Ulster University. The show presents an eclectic field of interests around historical and contemporary narratives of religion, memory, cultural practices, simulacra, the body and other bodies, public and private spaces. Contemplations of fragility, lost and false promises are explored through a diverse mix of practices involving installation, photography, video, sculpture and performance.


Exhibition Opening Thursday May 30th 7pm  and runs until June 6th 


Exhibiting Artists: Caitrín Mac Giolla Brídhe, Klara Burić ,Maria del Pilar Morales Caamano, Janice Cherry, Ruta Franskiaviciute, Caitíln Gallagher, Euan Gébler, Meg Jeanie, Katie McBride, Kate O’Neill, Merel van Erpers Roijaards, Claudia Rose, Nathan Turner, Matthew Wilson


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