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Catalyst Arts presents The Featherweight Portable Museum, a joint venture between Catalyst Arts (Belfast) and Media Pyhat (Finland), bringing together an eclectic body of work made by selected UK, Irish and Finnish artists in a travelling multi-media exhibition. The first showcase of the exhibition will take place at Catalyst Arts on Thursday 1st of December, with screenings, installations and performance art running from 6pm to 9pm. The work (a combination of the independent selections made by both organisations) will travel to Finland this year.

David Callan, Aideen Doran, Nicola Godman, Laura Jarvelainson, Lisa Marie Johnson, Hyun Joo Min, Nicky Larkin, Henrik Malmstrom, Bita Razavi, Jaakko Karunen, Bennie Reilly, Dominic Thorpe

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