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24th May – 7th June

fifteenovereight is a collection of works from a group of thirteen
emerging artists in Belfast. These artists work in various media
forms, from painting and drawing to film, installation, photography
and sculpture with themes such as space, light, human and industrial
expression, and atmosphere.

Whilst the painters focus on bleak urban scenes and melancholic figure
work, the sculptors use ceramics and metal, combining modern
industrial aesthetics with traditional craft. An illustrator applies
dark humour and shrewd satire, and print and film-makers explore
innovative sculptural forms and dark atmospheric environments.

The uniting vision of these thirteen artists is to visually express a
current stance on our modern economic and social climate, and to
reflect on the influences this has on both a personal and communal

Steven Pollock
Marc Dunlop
Megan Gibson
Colm Wray
Hayley Patrick
Alison Steers
Paul Murphy
Rob Hilken
Allan McKeown
Sam Megaw
Adeva McGuinness
Tomaz Andreson

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