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From Ritual to Romance: Mail Art Show.

6th of December 2001 – 10th January 2002

Using the theme of the body and how we alter its surface to portray an inner characteristic or belief. Manipulating the body in an expression of self and using it as a direct means of communication through something as a tool of association to memories, desires, feelings and emotions, combinbining this with the use of the postal system, to dissect ourselves physically and mentally. A journey into ourselves to be assembled dispatched and reassembled on arrival.
This open submission to members exhibition asked people to submit a piece of work via the postal system on any medium such as: postcards, letters, designed envelopes, photographs, handmade paper, acetates, packages that can be opened by an audience or guessed at, x rays photographs, photocopies, L.Pā€™s, invoices, receipts, vinyl, steel, fabric or even a combination of articles from a single piece. These materials were used by the artists as a vehicle of communication to be sent by post reflecting the journey of that object with the journey of its sender. 567 artists participated.

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