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Drydan Wilson

8th – 15th May

Opening 7th May 6-9pm


21st – 23rd May

Opening Event 21st May 6-9pm
Artist Talk at 6pm


28th May


Catalyst Arts is pleased to present Generate, an exciting temporary format to provide a platform for artists based currently in Belfast.  Over the course of May several events will take place in order to shine light on the exciting developments in different areas of art in Belfast this spring.

Drydan Wilson is a current student of University of Ulster in Belfast who has just finished his Erasmus year in Finland. Wilson’s work is expansive and growing and he will be taking on the entire gallery space of Catalyst. The sheer scale of his work swells to fit any space that the work is inhabiting and we are very pleased to be able to give his work the opportunity to materialise in Catalyst.

eegb (Edmund Eva & George Baldwin) is a research group focussed around drawing who design and construct various machines that to simulate various behavioural phenomena. The Machine serves as a mechanical extension of the artist and as a medium allowing us to explore and visualize concepts concerning power, creativity, authorship and the act of mark making. Using a drawing machine, they will graph a simulation of flocking behaviour over a three day period. The machine will plot the path of each individual agent within the flock, one at a time, building up a trace of the overall movement, creating a dense, textured drawing with an emergent fluidity. Currently based at DAS (Digital Arts Studio Belfast) Eva and Baldwin are now making themselves known in the arts community of Belfast.

Wilson’s work coupled with eegb provide a delicate nuance of ideas. There is a clear line of stylised rhythm between the three artists. At different stages of their careers, the group provides an interesting dialogue between sculpture, drawing and digital media.

Generate will culminate in Belfast’s first BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) night, during which participants are invited to bring a projector and show their work wherever they can find a space on the walls of Catalyst Arts. BYOB is a series of one night events that happen all over the world, invented by Rafaël Rozendaal. This exciting and celebratory night is a way of showcasing literally everyone’s (that can fit!) current digital media visual arts practice, and highlights our current aspect of screen viewing. The idea brings the online seclusion of many video artists right out of the internet and into the gallery space. If you would like to be involved in Catalyst’s BYOB, please get in touch at

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