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I Heart Catalyst Arts




Catalyst Arts would like to invite you to our twentieth birthday celebrations!

On August 10th from 6-10pm Catalyst will hold a raffle alongside an evening of cocktails, merriment and dirty dancing. The raffle will begin at 8pm.

This is a fundraiser and all pieces of work have been donated by previous directors, artists and current directors.Tickets for the raffle can be purchased by buying a raffle ticket from the Catalyst Arts office. Tickets are priced at £15, and they will be sold on a first come first served basis. 1 work per customer. Your raffle ticket guarantees you an A5 piece of artwork donated to the organisation.

All of the art works will be displayed in the project space from August 1st until August 9th. So you are more than welcome to peruse the works of art and investigate which one could be yours!!

Each piece of work has been kindly donated and made specifically for Catalyst’s 20th birthday.

There will be more announcements in the coming weeks so keep checking facebook, twitter and the Catalyst website for updates.

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