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In and Beyond

27th -31st October 1994

A four day bus tour around the North coast of Ireland, this ‘interactive art expedition’ was attended by 36 people.
Speakers included: Mark Brown (Belfast), Ross Sinclair (Glasgow), Sean Taylor (Glasgow) and Martha Wilson (New York)



Conference on Art and Limitations:

Northern Ireland: October 27th to 31st, 1994

The format for this unique conference will be that of an interactive art expedition. It will take place over the four days in four different locations in Northern Ireland: Newcastle, County Down; White Park Bay, North Antrim ; Derry and Belfast. There will be approximately forty participants- all will travel together by coach and stay together In hostel accommodation.

It is intended that there be six art practitioners of varied disciplines who will lead workshops/seminars/lectures over the first three days. The format for each session will be entirely up to the individual artists, with a guideline emphasis on interaction and debate.

On the fourth day, the group will return to Belfast for a full day of debate and discussion. This will be open to all corners. The structure of the day will be negotiated by the expedition group.

In and Beyond, Press Release 2.

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