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Martin Boyle



Catalyst Arts is pleased to present

Genuine Replica


Martin Boyle


Catalyst Arts Artist in Residence a the Ulster Museum

4th Nov – 2nd Dec

Martin Boyle produces work that is both playful and performative.

 Using already existing objects, he re-presents mass produced items and packaging in multiple forms, through video installation and sculptural pieces.

His work highlights a preoccupation with ideas of value, or lack there of. Through the use of expendable goods work is made from the position of the consumer; dealing with feelings of anxiety, disillusionment, escapism and hope in the face of despair as well as the desire for personal freedom.

 Always preferring to understate his point, he creates a context where the viewer requires time in order to view the work. Through subtle manipulation or illusion he plays on our need for immediate gratification with expectation to reveal, to unfold, to expose.

Martin will be in discover art ever Tuesday 10-4pm ans every Saturday 11-4pm

Free artist talk 26th November: Details to follow

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