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30/10/98 – 27/11/98


Curated by David Goldenburg this exhibition showed in Catalyst Arts, North Street Arcade and the reception of Gentle Dental Care dentist surgery, Lisburn Road, Belfast. Martin took it’s point of departure and title from the 1978 George R. Romero film. Artists: Fiona Banner, Meg Cranston, Rod Dickinson, F.R.-E.S.P., Alison Gill, Hidesato Matsumoto, Shuko Nagata, Motohiko Odani, Hiroko Okada, O[rphan] D[rift], Switch, The Curators Arse/FLAG (Peter Fillingham, Tony Hayward, Runa Islam, Peter Lewis), The White Visitation, Chris Wilder, Steven Wong, Florian Zeyfang.

Reviewed. Sunday Times 08/11/98 + 29/11/98 G. Weston. Irish Times 25/11/98, Aidan Dunne

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