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Miguel Martin

Belfast-based visual artist Miguel Martin (b. 1985) currently works from his studio at Platform Arts.  With previous influences in performance art and sculpture, Miguel considers his distinctive drawing practice the basis of everything he produces. His playful versatility in scale often ranges from sketchbook drawings to wall-sized, panoramic multi-perspective viewpoints.

Often permeating his subject matter with chaotic overtones of horror and violence, a grotesque humour and wit evolve. He indulges in the process of drawing and attempts to seduce the viewer with variety. Offering a multitude of textures and actions with simple thin lines, each drawing is intended to imply a fictional sound or movement.

With contemporary art often regarded as an equivalent to commodity for dealers in a competitive gallery context, Miguel’s practice often counteracts this high priced market by infiltrating lower fidelity venues such as craft markets or street festivals.  He has exhibited his work in numerous solo exhibitions locally and in New York.

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