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On the Buses                                                                         

7th- 14th September   1997


Locating and placing live / timebased art work on the move the project travelled to the Street level in Glasgow, Globe Gallery in North Shields, Dean Clough in Halifax, Hull Time Based Arts in Hull, 3 Month in Liverpool and Connected in  Sunderland showing artists from each of the above locations. Over 30 artists were involved and at each venues there were large audiences ranging from 350 ( Street Level Glasgow ) to 120 ( Globe Gallery , North Shields ). The exhibition demonstrated  both Catalyst Arts importance as an artist run organisation in the UK and its ability to work with other artist run organisations, establishing a strong network of like minded centres. The project also took on an innovative approach which enabled it to reach a large number of people many of who would not normally attend art events.

Review.  Artists Newsletter,  November 1997. Compiled by Peter Richard and Dan Shipsides. Platform publication, November 1997

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