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In which we prepare for… | Workshop with Hamish MacPherson



In which we prepare for…

Hamish MacPherson

Friday 17th November: 10-1PM, 2-5PM | Saturday 18th November: 10-1PM, 2-5PM

Tickets are free, however space is limited – Book here.

How do we prepare ourselves for an unknown future? How can we answer future questions with today’s answers?

What if we spend two days preparing for something that is unknown and that never comes? Preparing to prepare to prepare for what we don’t or can’t name.

In concrete terms there are four three-hour sessions. In each we will spend some time following preparations and then devising preparations for the next session. We will document each of these as we go in writing and photographs and make a manual. You can come for some or all of the sessions. The more you attend the more interesting I think it will be.

If you come to the first session you’ll be invited to bring an exercise of preparation. Preparation for what? Something mundane, something fun, something scary, something unlikely, something impossible. A dance class, a night out, a speech, a meal, a performance, a fight, a retirement, a birth, a metamorphosis, an exam, a death. As long as it’s something we can do at Catalyst in half an hour or less. Bring any essential materials. Just don’t tell us what is for and we won’t try to guess either.

Any questions about the workshop contact Hamish @

Hamish MacPherson is a London-based artist who uses ideas and methods from choreography and dance to think about politics. He makes workshops, non-digital games, performances, writings, images and other things in dance, visual arts, academic and community contexts. Current projects include THIS MOVEMENT, using lots of different methods to look at how we (everyone) use our bodies to make politics and Configuration (Hard Care) looking at care as an aesthetic, choreographic and political practice.

This workshop is part our exhibition BLACK MOUNTAIN – to find out what other free events are happening visit our Facebook Event page or download the full public programme here.

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