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All That Remains To Be Seen




‘All That Remains To Be Seen’ has been created in response to a joint members open call with Ormston House, Limerick. Two separate shows have been developed from a collection of artist members from the two galleries. Common themes became apparent within the submissions, with Ormston deciding to produce a show exploring drawing. ‘Expansive Traces’ features Catalyst members Laura Kelly, Shane Murphy and Emma Roche, alongside Ormston House members Darek Fortas and Susan Lynch.

 Catalyst have developed an exhibition with four members of Ormston House; Jamin Keogh, Elaine Leader, Lorraine Neeson and Paul Quast. Each piece makes use of the gallery to create light based installations and sculptures. While some works are intense and transient, others use light to create a more subtle and ambient atmosphere. As well as questioning the possibilities of an open call, the show has given Catalyst the opportunity to experiment with the dynamics of the gallery space.

All That Remains To Be Seen

Catalyst Arts Gallery

Opening: June 5th – 6-9pm

Exhibition Runs: 5th – 21st June

Expansive Traces

Ormston House

Opening: 3rd July

Exhibition Runs: 4th – 26th July

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