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Catalyst Arts presents:


Catalyst Arts are pleased to announce an open-call for Saloon, a four(1) day long members shee-bang(2).

Like the inflated ego of a retired prison sponge we wish to overturn the idea of the old-fashion bourgeois saloon(3), made to amuse fur-trimmed women and respectably bearded men. We want(4) to see your most visionary, indecent, controversial, amazing and original(5) artwork, across our whole community of members(6). We want to fill(7) up the walls, the floor, the ceiling, the freshly unblocked toilet(8), the crevasses and cracks of this warehouses warped banshee spirit. Using the spleen and spew of your un-watered and malnourished careers, we will transform Catalyst Arts gallery into a huge wonderhammer.

Opening: 3rd September 6pm to 9pm
in conjunction with Belfast’s Late Night Art

Exhibition run: 3rd – 5th of September.

To be part of Saloon(9) all applicants must be a member(10) of Catalyst Arts.

(1) It’s really just three.
(2) Denotes anything that is ridiculously hot, eg. “Ruaidhri was so shee-banging in that install shot”.
(3) Hairlicious on Castle Street being an excellent example.
(4) Want maybe a tad extreme, forced by funders maybe more appropriate.
(5) You haven’t made anything original in years, why do you still lie to yourself?
(6) Two at our last time of counting, which is why we are doing this call-out.
(7) If the gallery is filled before you arrive, your work will be displayed around the city on this.
(8) To block it again so we can call out the hot plumber.
(9) For an Italian translation please see below.
(10) We are actually quite fond of all our members. They’re all beautiful, like a horse.

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