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Satellite City                                                                          

6th – 27th  September 1997


A project bringing the best of contemporary art happening in the neighbouring cities of Glasgow, London, and Amsterdam featuring Casco from Utrecht, Bank Productions from London. The event, tongue in cheek, places Belfast at the centre of artist driven activities surrounded by the ‘would be’ centres such as Glasgow, London, Utrecht and New York. The groups selected for the event are the cream of artist led initiatives from each of these centres. The exhibition explored the erosion of notions of  cultural centres and periphery.

Artists: Klaar van der Lippe represented by Casco, Matt Mitchell collaborated with Bank, from Glasgow, Sarah Tripp, Cathy Wilkes, Sue Tompkins, Hayley Tompkins and Victoria Morton. Florian Wuest. D.J.s from Knucklehead Jilkes and Hatch and Reality Check

Review.  Sunday Times,  28/09/97, Gavin Weston.

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