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Sean Lynch

24 February – 16 March

Opening to the public on Thursday 23 February, 7–9pm.

Catalyst Arts presents the first solo show in Belfast by Irish artist Sean Lynch, showcasing an expanded version of the artist’s ongoing DeLorean Progress Report. Based around the bankruptcy and subsequent aftermath of the DeLorean car factory, which operated in Dunmurry from 1981-2, a series of photographs trace a path taken by the artist to find the location of the tooling once used to make the body of the car. Furthering this investigation of the materiality of DeLorean, the gallery will feature ongoing work by Lynch to produce sections of a DMC-12 car by handmade rather than industrial means. New developments in the project are detailed in a free booklet accompanying the exhibition

In addition, a collection of photographs, sculptures and archival material are displayed in Catalyst’s Project Space, all collected through Lynch’s investigations into the contexts and histories of public art in Ireland.

Sean Lynch (b. 1978, Kerry. Lives and works in Berlin and Co. Limerick) has exhibited at IMMA, Dublin; Camden Arts Centre, London; Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt; neugerriemschneider, Berlin, and the Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh.  He is represented by the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin.

Sean Lynch will give a talk in the gallery on Friday 24 February at 1pm. All are welcome to attend.

Sean Lynch Website

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