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Slavka Sverakova’s Review of FORCES



Richard Box, The Field, (2004, 8:59 minutes)

FORCES offers a chaste view on relationship of art and science. Five artists zoom on nature’s forces e.g. radiation, gravity, electricity, and magnetism, traditionally subjects of scientific investigation, appropriating them for sculpture, video and installation, as if mindful of Plato’s words ” things slip away and do not wait to be described”.(Timaeus, 495) In doing so, they manifestly challenge an older paradigm, formulated by C P Snow in 1959 Rede Lecture. In his view the two cultures, science and art could not find a common ground because of the mutual incomprehension, hostility and dislike between artists and scientists.

To see the full review follow the link to Slavka’s Website

Slavka’s Website

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