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Slavka Sverakova’s Review of Long Drawn Out



Curated by Alice Clark (2011, MFA University of Ulster) the display of drawing in a continuous space engages with discoveries and new tools, in a pronounced contrast to the academic models of higher research degree in visual arts that only rarely do not lean on stagnating social sciences.

 The curator celebrates the playful oscillation between drawing as a noun (stasis) and a verb (change and process made visible) and between chance and indeterminacy. Her selection commands prestige as well as play and humour. In relation to the sectarian futility filling some of the city’s streets at times, one of John Cage’s quotes insists to be repeated here:

 In the case of chance operations, one knows more or less the elements of the universe with which one is dealing (and perhaps I fool myself and pull the wool over my eyes) that I am outside the circle of a known universe, and dealing with things that I literally don’t know anything about”(1961)

 The ensuing methodology is made up of posing questions and using chance to find answers (that may be further questions) while being aware that there are many answers to one question (indeterminacy). And drawing, like music, does not need to mean anything to give pleasure of aesthetic experience as an answer.

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