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Catalyst Arts presents:

Artists in Residence

Exhibition Runs: 15th July – 10th August

Ciaran McKusker | Rosanna McKenna | Dryden Wilson

somewhereto_, with curatorial support from @Catalyst Arts, present their Artists in residence open studio in Antrim town.
They have taken over the upstairs of 55 High Street Antrim, formerly a Peacocks retail unit, before that Woolworths and for the past two years, an empty space! 
For the past 3 weeks they have experimented, explored, made, ripped, balanced, splashed their way through a number of ideas… and they’d like to share them with you. 
A dinner of sorts will be on hand, in the hope of a conversation around the space and what the creative future of it could be. 

7th Aug | Open Studio Event | 55 High Street Antrim

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