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Sterile Environment

2nd June – 23rd June.  Preview Thursday 2nd June, 7pm-10pm

This art and architecture crossover exhibition explores the city of the past, present and future.  Local Artists explore the vitality, heritage and character of old and new Belfast. What is the city becoming? Are we protecting heritage adequately? And international artist wouder if cities are just becoming clones of one another, creating an endless high street existence…

There will be a series of events/talks/debates running throughout the duration of the exhibition to keep things interesting and hopefully answering some of the above questions. Details of which can be found below

Exhibiting Artists

Sinead Bhreathnach-Cashell / Aideen Doran / Andrew Dodds

Sharone Lifschitz (speaker) / Eoin McGinn / Michael Pinsky

Keith Winter / Forum for Alternative Belfast


Sinead Bhreathnach-Cashell- Builder Bowling

7pm-10pm, 2nd June, Catalyst Arts Gallery

Playfully making visible the threat of extinction of real buildings in Belfast.

Keith Winter and Forum for Alternative Belfast.

6:30pm, 9th June, Catalyst Arts Gallery

A talk based on the work shown the gallery space, relating to the constant changing face of Belfast.

Sharone Lifschitz- The Traffic Light and Monument.

6:30pm, 16th June, Catalyst Art Gallery.

Sharone Lifschitzs talk will centre on actions and projects created in cities such as London, Munich, Belfast and Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Lifschitz’s work unfolds as a progression of actions and interactions for which she is both choreographer and participant and through which the city becomes a ground for an encounter and the encounter becomes a tool for a reading of the city and creating interventions in its urban fabric. The talk traces several projects both completed and in progress.

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