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The Existence Of Flamethrowers On Your Street | Catalyst Arts in 126, Galway



Martin Boyle | Liliane Puthod | Atom Tick | Iain Griffin | John Macormac | Anita Delaney | John Lawrence | David Blandy

24th April 2015 – 8th May 2015

Opening: Friday 24th April 2015

18: 00 – 19:30: Exhibition Opening at 126, Galway

20:00 – ­21:30: Live Event at Áras na nGael, Galway

“The very existence of flamethrowers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves. You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I’m just not close enough to get the job done.”

― George Carlin

Since its inception over twenty years ago, by a multidisciplinary group of artists, theatre makers, architects and educators, Catalyst Arts is one of the longest running artist ­led organisations in Ireland and the UK, committed to delivering a programme which embraces risk and expands beyond the gallery to provide innovative opportunities for artists.

This year, through a series of small scale collaborations with artists, collectives and organisations Catalyst Arts will pilot a new auxiliary off­site programme titled ‘Garrincha’ which will further promote the commissioning of new works of artistic merit by emerging artists with a non ­gallery centred practice, for temporal and event based works.

The first of these collaborations has been through the invitation of 126 in Galway, for which Catalyst Arts has selected artists working across a range of disciplines, encompassing a two ­person exhibition at 126 Gallery space by Martin Boyle and Liliane Puthod, whose work excavates or activates commonplace aspects of the civic and urban landscape which have been ignored or overlooked in recent times as the sites for new interventions and dialogues.

Following the opening of this exhibition on Friday 24th audience are invited to a join us for an off­site, live event held at Áras na nGael from 8pm showcasing a selection of video screenings, performance and music by artists from across Ireland and the UK. Within this context of re-­interrogating conventional modes of artistic practice ‘The Existence of Flamethrowers in your Street’ aims to continue Catalyst Arts commitment to providing opportunities for a range of multi­disciplinary activities both in the gallery framework and off­site.

Catalyst Arts would like to thank 126 for the invitation to collaborate on this projects and to extend an open invitation to all to attend both the opening and live events which are free.

Primary Resource is a curatorial project taking place in 126 throughout 2015 that aims to make a practice based response to the 126 FOOTFALL research report that was published in March 2015. FOOTFALL began an line of enquiry into what separates the activities of artist led organisations from those of other art institutions in Ireland and what role they play in artists’ careers. With Primary Resource we invite five diverse artist led organisations to react to the FOOTFALL research and findings though their own practice. These five responses may take varying forms and will take place in the 126 gallery space throughout 2015. Each organisations response to one curatorial arc will contribute to a process that can be critically viewed as a whole.

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