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Under The Radar



Under The Radar

Charlotte Bosanquet | Jane Butler | Paul McAree | Tonya McMullan

Andy Parker | Jim Ricks | Amanda Rice

Opening night: 11th June 6-9pm

Exhibition continues: 12th – 27th June

11th June 6 – 7pm: A panel discussion between the selected artists and curator, Michele Horrigan

We are delighted to announce that this year’s edition of Catalyst Arts’ members show will be produced in collaboration with artist and curator Michele Horrigan of Askeaton Contemporary Arts, Limerick. This collaboration has led to a selection of works which have been developed in response to particular aspects of the city and its situations. Central to this was the legacy of Catalyst Art’s role as an agent for re­interrogating conventional modes of artistic practice and critical negotiations of private and public space. ‘Under the Radar’ presents the curator’s selection of seven member’s work, providing close mentorship with the artists and their current practice. Horrigan’s curatorial approach through her work with Askeaton Contemporary Arts focuses on the existing dynamics of the locale, intending to bring forward the diverse layers of daily life and create a rich framework for subjective encounters.

‘’For over twenty years, Catalyst Arts has followed a path of improvisation in its unsure, yet always invigorating existence. Secretly, no one really knows what lies ahead – its programme, community and members never harden into stable or institutional values. Instead Catalyst floats upon the transitory and provisional nature of contemporary urban life in Belfast – always provoking and alluding to the need for agitation and continual deviation from hegemonical structures imposed on culture. This summer, its’ members show seeks to further develop these themes. The seven selected artists and artworks have been considered for their role in exploring unnoticed situations within the city, the gallery space and the further frameworks that both contain and allow personal agency and freedom. Catalyst continues to offer a diverse platform for these discussions.’’

­ Michele Horrigan

Curator / Askeaton Contemporary Arts

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