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Catalyst Arts presents VICINITY, a group exhibition investigating temporary, adaptable and transitory methods for exploring Belfast city. Artists work in an engaged manner using the mile radius of the gallery as a starting point to make new work in the gallery and at offsite locations.  Artists:

Bbeyond ‘fare’
fare utilised the transient communal site of the back of a black taxi inviting the audience to share an intimate experience with the artists as their taxi makes it way through the city.  Ten taxis queued in Squeeze Gut Alley at the galleries entrance and begun their journey at 7pm sharp.  Artists – Anne Quail, Fergus Byrne, Pavana Reid, Rainer Pagel, James King, Tina Hopp, Felipe Faundez, Chrissie Cadman, Sinead O’Donnell & Charlotte Bosanquet, Phillip McCrilly & Kim McAleese, each made live performances in the taxis

Jean-pierre Bertrand
Brussels based artist, Jean Pierre Bertrand,  travelled to Belfast to make new work for Vicinity, his hexagonal concrete blocks can be found at six locations on the outskirts of Belfast

Fiona Larkin ‘Wolfs Den’
Larkin invited participants to borrow a custom embroidered ‘Wolfs Den’ jacket from the gallery, in return she asked that participants allowed her to follow and video them.  The documentation of which was incorporated into the installation.

Shiro Masuyama ‘Legal Parking’
Masuyami has worked nomadically all over the world, recently moved out of Berlin and now based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  For Vicinity Masuyami exhibited ‘Legal Parking’ for information on the project please follow the link.  Legal Parking 

Jim McCracken
McCracken is a belfast based print and street artist who created a site specific flyposted work in the gallery for Vicinity.

Seamus Nolan
Nolan created a site specific installtion ‘pantone’ within the gallery by painting the back wall a mixture of  the three colours of the Irish flag, mixed in equal quantities.

MA art in public
Students on the University of Ulster MA Art in Public course used Catalyst as a research hub and installation area where they worked on projects which engaged with the are,  using a range of media.  On the last day of Vicinity Pauline Hadaway, director of Belfast Exposed Gallery chaired a discussion on their project entitled ‘walking as research’

zones of response
zones of response developed an interactive project,  participants were invited to explore the area on foot,  then; using their mobile phones, text words they would like to see removed form the city to a designated phone number.  The words were then projected onto the gallery walls revealing a textual narrative of Belfast city.















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