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Viewing Copy | Radical Film Archive Workshop | 20.07.2017


As part of our current exhibition Viewing Copy, Catalyst Arts is very excited to host a free workshop organised by The Radical Film Archive on 20th July at 6:30pm.

The Radical Film Archive started when founder, Michael Dunn, was given a hard-drive that was supposed to be thrown out. Instead of disposing of it he decided to use it as the basis of a self-educational resource. Dunn holds events for people to discuss what they think should be in or out of the archive, gives access to the films and encourages screenings. In the recent past, more time has been devoted to ideas around militant curation, that is to say, getting ideas to the places where they are most useful, with screenings happening in the camps in Calais, Ventimiglia and Belgrade. By creating this archive together, all have the chance to share in preserving rare and under-told stories that could be easily lost. Catalyst Arts has invited five artists, Johnathan Cook, Bryan Gerard Duffy & Emmet Sheerin, Seamus Harahan, Aniara Omann to contribute to the archive as part of the exhibition. These films alongside the full archive is available to browse, watch and download in our resource room for the duration of the exhibition. Don’t forget your hard-drive!

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